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Mikel Coffee Company

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is incorporated in the philosophy of MIKEL. We feel we have a duty to contribute in the local societies in which we seek to develop. It is part of our enterprising strategy to perform regular activities in order to maintain social cohesion, intellectual cultivation, environmental awareness and the welfare of the people with whom we interact.

Together with the rapid growth of our network we actively support the recovery of the Greek economy through the reduction of unemployment. As far as our employees are concerned, we respect their rights and needs, we ensure excellent health and safety conditions and we try to cultivate their enthusiasm and creativity.

We consider the sustainable development of the company to be intertwined with the growth and prosperity of local communities which are the "tanks" from which we derive both our workforce and customers. That is because our strategic objective is “giving back” to the society part of the profits, through various actions that confirm our accountability and our sensitivity - particularly at a time when the economic crisis is creating increased needs.

Our multifaceted social contribution focuses mainly on actions that meet the needs of vulnerable groups, cultural and sports clubs, NGOs, charitable organizations, etc., both in the short and long term.

Social solidarity, education, health, culture and environmental protection form the axis of our key priorities.


Every MIKEL store has adopted a child in need through the program of the Non Governmental Organization of Actionaid - “Adopt a child”

Both management and the staff contribute to the blood bank of our region.

We donate milk, cake, muffins and other kind of products to orphanages and children’s institutions.

We become sponsors for local sport clubs and athletic organizations.

We contribute to the enhancement of the electronic equipment of a school every year.

We empower municipalities by donations on cultural events.