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Mikel Coffee Company

Mikel Coffee Company

Due to the rapid expansion of MIKEL network, we seek for partners willing to embrace our values and our customer- centric philosophy, and who will trust our company in order to get involved in the business sector of dinning and coffee.

According to recent surveys of our Research and Development department, the purchase of dinning and coffee stores remains highly attractive for investment with a an annual positive growth rate of 5% -10%. The demand for coffee of good quality is increasing, when at the same time consumers are reluctant, even when it comes to the smallest amount for disposal, but without being prepared to make compromises on the quality.

The current operation of the 87 MIKEL stores throughout Greece which were launched in the last six years, proves the point that in between an amid recession and widespread insecurity for any business step, the franchise MIKEL remains a safe choice.

For more information you can contact us using our contact form, or call us directly at the following numbers: +30 2410 530024 and +30 2410 534020.