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Mikel Coffee Company


Mikel Coffee Company

We are a coffee company that its goal is the unrivaled perfection of its high quality products. We have concluded a contract not only with our quality products, but also with the enhancement of life quality of our every customer, as well as with the completion of our provided services of our personnel towards the people that every single day chose us in order to protect themselves from the stressful society living conditions.

It is proven that humans in order to live, need much more than food, the psychology, in other words, the positive impact of life in spirit and in the daily routine.

We‘ve invested on that one and we have learned in the best ways to offer it to our customers and our partners, because we our motive is our human centered character of our company, a fact that can offer as a result the permanent profit growth.

So, we are investing on the complete promotion of harmonious coexistence of people through a cup of coffee, into an environment so calm and pleasant, which will be a relief in the evolutionary course of our customers.

Our working environment is protected with sensibility; therefore we build relations of trust with our partners. The very positive results came to reality from the very start! We have been leaden into this level of high quality products and our enhanced services, by our research of our science personnel, which proved that although we are in an economic crisis the department is increasing with a rhythm of 5% - 10% annually. The demand for quality coffee is constantly increasing. The profit ranges in a percentage higher than ever, due to the fact that the business growth conditions are appealing!!! As a matter of fact, the product of coffee remains always in demand. Not to mention that is second on demand after the olive oil and on second on consumption after the gas oil!!!

Our company, under the occupation of its chief executive consultant with the domain from the last century, has managed to bring the consumption of ILLY coffee and only after the year of 2010 on 40,000 Kgr. (Source: ILLY KAFEA Inc Accountant’s Office) to all of its coffee shops. For those reasons, and with respect on the parameters and adversities, our goal is the increase of the MIKEL chain everywhere, provided that our partners will follow the same success formula we posed, through the success oriented program that composes the VIDION – THE PLEASURE- THE ATTRACTION OF CUSTOMERS resulting in the complete rising profitability.


For more information you can contact us using our contact form, or call us at the numbers: +30 2410 530024 and +30 2410 534020.