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Mikel Coffee Company

Our company, in the context of its Pan-Hellenic spread is always trying to be in touch with creative people with well developed their critical thinking, exploitable talents, ready to collaborate with whichever form they assume they can join in the company. We chose our partners from their features and we incorporate them into a working environment where the recognition of the offer of the employees is mandatory.

Our values require the existence of mutual respect. We concentrate on the inner world of our employees in order them to have a pleasant employment. We educate our employees too, so as their career perspective will have rising trends. We reclaim the education through a team working spirit, which must rule our employees. Our attempt is our employees to adopt the values of team working spirit and those of healthy competition and to absorb our philosophy with the intention of being transformed into persons with remarkable critic, academic morals, passion, taste, love for our fellow men, offering in that way a work of social contribution.

Our company is active, as its well known, on the area of coffee gathering, so come here to meet us, ensuring in that way apart from our acquaintance a place in our company at your city when we are going to have a coffee store or somewhere else. Our company apart from the employing insurance offers career perspective giving the necessary and certified know-how as a guarantee of your future as employee. Since your entering in “MIKEL COFFEE COMPANY”, the opportunities to upgrade your life’s quality will increase and the achievement of your goals will seem accessible. The quality provision and the perfect service of the our every customer and in advance of the whole surrounding society will be your principles.

We make it clear, that you can come in touch with us from whichever area of Greece by visiting our website or through Facebook and through that easy and fast way to notify us your professional dispositions.

Our company, in the following period of time is in search of personnel for those cities:

- Thessaloniki
- Lemessos, Cyprus
- Athens

Are you interested in working at our company? You can your CV here: by telling us in wich post you are interested in


- Coffee Store Manager
- Cashier
- Barista
- Service
- Kitchen - Dish washing